Privacy Policy

Hello, and welcome to the Internet. It's good to see you.

No, seriously, turn off your webcam; we see you.

Just kidding! But it does bring up a point: as you may or may not know, the Internet is not the most private of places, though it does have its private parts. YesPLZ!, as part of the Internet, will do its best to protect your privacy, though there are some things you should (and legally must) know before you use it:

  1. Anything you contribute to YesPLZ! can be viewed around the world as soon as you post it. This is very, very, very cool, but it also means that you should not submit any content that you would not want to be viewed by your parents, children, significant other(s), ex-significant others, gentleman lovers, mistresses, school chums, co-workers, bosses, the government (of any nation), the cast of "Glee," your prosecuting attorney, your bookie, your parole officer, the mafia, Steve Buscemi, or anyone else with a connection to the World Wide Web, whether via computer, smart phone, Internet television, modified Pacman arcade machine, futuristic brain implant, etc. etc.
  2. YesPLZ! will not disclose your private information to third parties except in extremely limited circumstances, like if you're doing something illegal or if your mother calls and wants to know what you've been so busy with that you can't call her (Kidding! But please, folks, call your mama, she misses you).
  3. YesPLZ! does collect and analyze your information to improve its services. And who can argue with that? If you want bad service, go to [INSERT THE NAME OF YOUR CELL PHONE CARRIER].
  4. Trivia quiz: What do YesPLZ!, Forrest Gump, and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps all have in common? No, not 2nd Assistant Cameraman Edward A. Gutentag; rather, all are recommended for people ages 13 or older.
  5. We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, we won't be private about it: we'll let you know.

— Seriously, call your mother. She hasn't talked to you in so long!